All I want for Christmas is my life back...

The last 7 years of my life have been a complete waste. No, i take that back... I have made some wonderful friends and gotten rid of some bad baggage, but aside from that i have made some bad choices that left me in this mess that I just can't figure out how to get out of. 

And now it seems like I am the ONLY single person I know, everyone else is married off and having children or in a happy relationship of some kind. 

Makes me feel like I did something wrong... or am I the only one who is doing it right? Either way, it sucks to me me right now... Oh well, we are coming up on 2008, hopefully the New Year will be better(all the way around)!

Seen this somewhere(see cut) and was thinking how much I took for granted... I kinda miss it :-(

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Yay! It's here!!!  [info]thisgirliknow was right, it was a guy who delivered it... and so you know he was not white.
So I run upstairs, rip open the box and co to put it together to charge... I see a battery, a charger, a phone. NO back. Okay I'm freaking out. WTF would I get a phone with no back! So I'm ready to run up to the store and get one. But I need to shower so I figure maybe I can set the battery in there to charge while I shower.
Dumbass, the battery IS the back! WHEW! I was about to have a panic attack!
Now I need to shower... so I have time to play with it before work!

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God don't like ugly

Last Saturday morning I had to work. I had this table with 6 annoying bitches. They stayed for what seemed live forever! As a server your main objective is to get people in and out of your section as quickly as possible(we call this turning tables) in order to increase your tip potential. Since hourly pay for a server is a joke, we rely mainly on tips.

On with the story…

They finally get up to leave and one of the woman wants to bitch about her check… she didn’t drink her second glass of orange juice and wanted it taken off the ticket. First of all I warned her when she ordered juices did not get FREE refills, she said she knew that. Well, she wanted it taken off… as a server I cannot remove items from a ticket, only managers can, which I explained to her. My manager refused, he said someone has to pay for it and it wasn’t going to be us. Her daughter dragged her from the table throwing down $3 as she left. This was the only tip I got from 6 women on a $70 check, which is a really shitty tip… but more than I expected honestly.

So, I’m cleaning the table hoping to get someone in there who will tip decently and the woman come back. She tells me she needs the tip back(which she didn’t even leave!) so she can pay for her breakfast… she doesn’t have enough money! I am shocked and amazed this woman has the nerve to do this! My other tables are looking at me and her… I don’t want to jeapardise tips from them too so I reach in my pocket, put the money on the table in front of her and walk away.

About 10 seconds later someone says a lady fell… guess who it was.

This bitch busted her ass!

Everyone who had seen what happened with the tip and her falling had a comment to make, my favorite ofcourse also happends to be the title of this little post.

Now, she is trying to get money from us because she fell.

If I have my way, she’s not getting damn penney, she already got what she deserved.

Who would have thought it would be this hard!

Okay after much thought and lots of reasearch I think I've made a final decision.

What do you think?  Orange or Silver? I kinda wanted a funky red or pink, but Orange is cool too... only thing is I'm obsessive about color co-ordinating(everything has to match!) so I guess silver it will be. Nothing cute or exotic this time around, I need to break away from my need for balance and order(yeah I'm one of those people who walk in a room and can feel something is out of it's place... sickening isn't it). *note: I know you wold never guess this about me knowing the company I keep, their randomness and disorder keeps me busy, I assure you.*

It has an awesome Camera, full keyboard for text messaging, web access, Instant messaging, videos, e-mail... it's just not cute. Oh well function over beauty I guess.

I'm gonna go now... I'm kinda anxious, nervous, scared, whatever I'm rambling. Bye!

I have commitment-phobia!

Due to an unfortunate series of events the other night, my cell phone is broken. It cannot be repaired so… I am shopping for a new cell! I have been meaning to upgrade for quite sometime, but never got around to it. The good news is I have my choice of a very wide selection and I have a credit… which means as long as I don’t choose something extravagant or pricey(a Black Berry or a Smartphone), it’s free! I have had my eye on one inparticular for sometime now, but there are sooo many other choices. Should I go for my original choice or spend time shopping around? I am one of those people who are attached to my cell… it does so much. It is practically a part of me and I am lost without it! Goodness, I can’t believe I ever lived without one. Can I wait another day and live with a cell that kinda works?

My only issue with the original is the screen… it seems too small, but it has everything I want/need and it is just adorable! Actually the screen is why I am not the proud owner of this cute little phone… will it matter that much? Can I learn to adjust? Will something better be offered to me the day after I make the commitment and buy it? What should I do?

It is cheaper for me to buy online versus the store, but I went in for some hands-on comparisons.

My original choice!

Look here if you want to see my chioces.

My requirements:
Internet accessible
downloadable ringtones
picture/text messaging
SMS or IM capable
perferably Motorola (I have accessories!)

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Dragon*con is nearly here and we're having issues finding a hotel that's not booked that we can afford... anyone have an idea on a decent, cheap place to stay?

We should have done it sooner, but getting the time off of work wasn't  definate.

(no subject)

1. Spell your name backwards.
trofmoc ahtnamas

2. Pretend you've had 15 beers. Describe what you would be doing right now?
I'd be passed out drooling wherever I fell probably in my own vomit.

3. Where are you right now?

4.Who's with you?
Ash and Joey

5. Do you talk to yourself?
All the time, no one ever listens... sometimes it's the only decent conversation I have

6. Do you drink milk straight from the carton?
eww, never!

7. Who knows a secret or two about you?
They know who they are...

8. How long is your hair?

9. How much money do you have?
I'm broke...

10. Describe what you are wearing?
Jeans and a cute little Yellow and White wide striped shirt with buttons half way down the front(great clevage shirt!) with a tiny red apple on the left upper side

12. Do you swear at your parents?
No I have some respect

13. Do you like/love anyone now?
I love you!

14. When was the last time you lied?
I lie to myself everyday

16. Is your birthday on a holiday?
no, but it's close

17. What do you spend most of your money on?
Ash and Joey

18. Last thing you cooked today?
nothing... my tummy is growling

19. Did you have a nap today?
Not yet

20.What are you listening to?
Ash snoring

21. Last friend you talked to?

22. Why is the sky blue?
It has something to do with reflection... I was too busy not paying attention when we went over it in science class

23. What do you do when you first wake up?
groan, roll over, go back to sleep... then I realize I'm late and jump out of bed

24. Do you swear a lot?
sometimes, depends on who I'm talking to

25. Where do you see yourself is 10 years?
I see myself overwieght, single, with a crappy job, and a crappy car if I don't start doing something productive with my life

26. Have any regrets?
many, including moving to Tallahassee

27. Do you use an alarm clock?
I have a dual alarm, my cell, 2 dogs, a ferret, a brother and Ash... I'm lucky if I ever sleep

28. Whens the last time you brushed your teeth

29. Do you ever snort when you laugh?
only after i get the hiccups

30. Whats the first thing you notice on the opposite sex?
usually minor things.. always different, nothing specific

31. Do you ever pretend your on the phone when walking down the street?
no, I don't walk down the street... but I am usually talking on my cell

32. Ever get suspended?
Yeah for 10 days senior year right after winter break... I had a whole month vacation!

34. Do you wear underwear?
I have heard thongs don't really count... butt-floss is the term my family uses

35. Who would you like to see right now?
Not me... I look awful today

36. If you see an old lady that you never spoken to before, taking in groceries, would you help her?
no, she might think I'm trying to rob her... old people are a bit loony

37. Are you a social or antisocial person?
Mostly social, but I have my moods when I need to be left alone.

38. Are you old enough to vote?
yes, but I'm one of those who don't... I know go ahead and hate me, I plan on doing it, I swear!

39. Do you have a tan?

40. Whats something you regret?
sometimes I regret just getting out of bed

41. Whats your worst childhood memory?
Ugh... let's NOT go there

42. What school do you go to?
I'm home schooled :-)

43. What radio station do you listen to?
I channel surf... I like variety!

44. Who was your first best friend?
can't remember... I'm too old for this!

45. Are you afraid of the dark?
not anymore...

47.Whats your favorite sports brand?
no preference

48. Whats your favorite song?
whatever fits the mood...

49. Who was your favorite teacher this year?

50. What's your favorite sport?
I have become a couch-potato so I'll watch football and baseball... I need a running partner, anyone interested?

Road Trip!!!

Today was kind of exciting... I got to leave Tallahassee! It wasn't for very long, but I still go away.

Ash has decided he was going to take some initiative and finally do something about getting his driver's license back. We started out at 7 am(after being up all night). thisgirliknow offered to let Ash use her car(since mine is standard, which he can't drive, and falling apart so we decided it wasn't going to work if he had to take a road test) . We met her at her job and promptly headed to the DMV. They wouldn't talk to him because he didn't have his birth certificate and his social security card, so we headed over to the social security office. Which worked out well because I also lost mine(along with my wallet back on St. Patty's Day). From there back to the DMV only to find out Georgia had a hold on his license. Theygave him a number to call... which didn't help, he had to go to a Georgia office and speak to them in person. So off we went. Thomasville was the closest, only about 45 minutes or so.


When we got there she told him it had been suspended in 1999, which is crazy because the accident which landed him on house arrest was in 2001, no mention in the police report his license was suspended(yes, I'm nosy, after finding out about the house arrest I wanted details). He also had a hold for failure to have insurance on his vehicle... which was totaled, so of course he didn't have insurance! The lady removed that hold, but couldn't give him any details on the suspension, just another number, which no one answers.

You know this was my day off and I hadn't slept and drove to Georgia and what does Ash do?

He sleeps the whole way there... and back.



>FOUR Places I Have Worked:
>1. Premcare Family medical center
2. Children's First Homeheathcare 
3. Sunshine State Credit Union
4. Village Inn

>FOUR Places I Have Lived
1. Tomsriver, NJ
2. Orlando, FL
3. Tallahassee, FL
4. My own little world

FOUR Television Shows I love to Watch:
>1. Law & Order SVU
2. CSI
3. House
4. Without a Trace

FOUR Places you have been on vacation:
>1. Orlando, FL (before I lived there)
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. New Orleans, LA
4. Atlanta, GA

FOUR of my favorite foods:
>1. Anything with chicken
2. sushi... which is great since Ash works in a sushi restraunt!
3. Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
4. Italian foods

FOUR places I'd rather be right now:
>1. In my bed... wait I can do that I don't have to work until 4
2. Not at work (I hate my job, but it pays the bills)
3. A beach or even a pool... it is too hot :-( 
4.  Anywhere but here

(no subject)

Ok so after 5 hours driving around shopping for something to hold my Ginormous "new" TV... I got one that is nowhere near what I was looking for. The TV is just too damn big for the cute ones so I settled on this one.

I know, It's from Wal-mart, but I'm poor, and they're cheap.

Now it I can only find my screw-driver...